Prayer: God's Holiness

Here’s a prayer about God’s holiness from the writings of William Loader.

A Prayer about God's Holiness

O God,
You are holy,
and deep within ourselves
where our souls touch the ground,
where our being meets your being,
we are on holy ground
and your holiness surrounds us
and calls our name.

Your holiness is your goodness,
your generosity towards us
and the silence which waits
and hopes and is glad
and disappointed - and waits.

You wait to meet us,
to make us holy with your holiness,
to make us loving with your love,
to make us hopeful with your hope.
In your presence we bow our heads
in shame where we have failed others,
failed ourselves and failed you.
Touch us with the tenderness of your forgiveness.

In your presence we breathe new life
when we dare to be still, to be centred,
to be whole, to be holy.

Set us free to be holy.
Set us free to be for ourselves a place
where sacredness is joy and peace.
And let us be a sacred space for others
and make sacredness for them.

Dwell in us as in a holy temple,
that we may know stillness
and that we may sense the fragrance of your love
and bring that fragrance to
where life is a stench and putrid and stale,
within ourselves and within our world.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

— written by William Loader.  For more of his excellent writings, see this web page: