Opening Litany: Trinity Sunday

Here’s a thoughtful opening litany for the first Sunday after Pentecost (known to many as Trinity Sunday).  It comes from the people at Wellspring Liturgy.

Opening Litany

Lord God, Creator of all;
you created us to be your People;
a people free to love and to serve you
with all our minds, with all our hearts and with all our strength.

So we come to worship our God,
leaving behind all that binds us:
our doubts and our fears;
our darkness and our hopelessness.

Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of all:
you came as a child,
gathered into the loving embrace of a family.
As an adult, you shared love, laughter and tears
with those whom you knew as friends
and the love of the Father
with all who would receive it.

So we come
to love and to honour you,
celebrating the companionship
of those you have called to be your disciples.

Gracious Spirit, Inspirer of all;
brooding over us gathered here;
eternally breathing Life into all of creation;
endlessly giving, endlessly comforting.

So we come
to be still in your presence;
to hear in the silence
the whisper of God
breathing life into our souls;
deepening our unity in the very life of God.

— from the Wellspring Liturgy website.