Prayer of Approach & Confession

Here’s a prayer of approach and confession for the third Sunday of Easter (April 22, 2012).  It was written by Jenny Adams.

Prayer of Approach & Confession
(based on Luke 24:36-48, 1 John 3:1-7)

God our Father,
in your love you welcome us as your children,
through your care you have shaped the universe,
with your mercy you hear our prayers.
Hear us, your children,
as we come before you in worship.

Jesus, our risen Master,
in our weakness, you call us,
in our confusion, you teach us,
in our troubles, you offer us peace.
Meet us, your friends,
as we come to hear your word.

Spirit, Living One,
in the beginning, you breathed life,
in chaos and darkness, you brought hope,
in many tongues, you spread good news.
Transform us, your people,
as we open our minds and hearts to you.

Loving Father, Son and Spirit,
we come.
Yet we know we come with doubts and fears.
We know we come in ignorance.
We know we have failed you, your creation and your people,
in many ways.
Trusting in your love, we turn again to you.
As we open our hearts to your mercy and forgiveness,
grant us your peace.

Accept these prayers,
accept our worship,
accept us,
through your love,

— written by Jenny Adams. Posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.   

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