Pastoral Prayer for Easter 2

Here’s a pastoral prayer for the second Sunday of Easter, written by Bishop Telmor Sartison.

Pastoral Prayer
(based on John 20: 24-29)

Holy and Almighty God, with the apostles, we live in the afterglow of the resurrection celebration. Like them, we too have fears and doubts. We want to believe with all our hearts the story we have heard, but so often daily life gets in the way of our faith. Help us, O God. By your Holy Spirit enable us to walk through each day's obstacles so that we see them not as causes for doubt but barriers to be lifted by

God of the risen Jesus, hear our prayer.

God of our journey, we praise and thank you for gathering us to worship, discuss, decide and act together. Give vision beyond our usual sight; and give faith that is strong.

God of the risen Jesus, hear our prayer.

— written by Bishop Telmor Sartison, and posted on the ELCIC Resource Archive on the Lift Up Your Hearts website.