Monologue: John 20: 19-25

If your worship this week includes a look at John 20:19-25 (the story of “doubting” Thomas), here’s a short monologue.  It was written by Chrystal Goolsby.

Monologue: Thomas the Twin
(based on John 20:19-25; Luke 24:36-43)

I can’t believe all that has happened in the last few days. We thought Jesus was the Messiah we had all been waiting for, but he died without delivering us! Who will help us now?

Three days ago, Jesus of Nazareth was put on the cross and he died. He was put in a tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea. My friends, who, along with me, make up a group of his followers, came running to me just now, saying that they saw him, alive. Impossible! They insist that it is true, but I don’t believe it.

They told me that were hiding in the upper room of a house, in a group, talking, when a man suddenly appeared in the room and said, “Peace be with you.” The room was locked, because they were afraid they would be arrested, too, and this man just appeared inside the room!

As you can imagine, they were shocked and horrified! They thought it was a ghost. But then he showed them the wounds he got when he was crucified—holes in his hands and feet, as well as a wound in his side from a spear.

They said they were still not sure he was a real human being. But he asked for some food. They gave him a piece of fish from their supper, and he ate it while they watched.

It was then that they knew he was really alive, and they came running to tell me. But I don’t believe it. Once a man is dead, he is dead. I won’t believe it until I see him for myself, and can put my fingers into his wounds.

— written by Crystal Goolsby, from Austin, Texas. From With Our Own Eyes: Seven Monologues for Children about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus (Sacred Seasons Lent/Eastertide 2009 packet produced by Seeds of Hope Publishers).