Palm Sunday Prayer: Adoration & Confession

Here’s a Palm Sunday prayer of adoration and confession written by Rev. E. Crumlish.

Palm Sunday Prayer

Gathering for worship today,
we are like the crowd that lined the streets,
witnessing your entry into Jerusalem.

Some of us gather here, full of enthusiasm.

Some of us gather wearied by what life has thrown at us.

Some of us have come out of curiosity.

Some of us out of habit.

Some of us gather with great expectation.

Some of us with no particular hopes.

It is here, O God, that you meet us and greet us and, if we will allow,
it is here that you surprise us with your love and your grace.

So open our heavy eyes, and tired minds,
steal into our closed hearts and surprise us today with joy.

Quell those unrealistic expectations,
but open us to the possibility of hope
and allow us to glimpse the goodness of your purpose for us.

Even when we cannot name it ourselves
you know what ails us.
We submit to your knowledge of us
and we open ourselves to the need for your forgiveness,
a forgiveness that comes freely and abundantly.

So with cleansed hearts and open minds,
we join in the cry Hosanna!

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

— written by Rev. E. Crumlish of Castlehill Church, Ayr. Posted on the Church of Scotland’s excellent Starters for Sunday website. 

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