Call to Worship & Prayer: Palm Sunday

Here’s a call to worship and prayer for Palm/Passion Sunday.  They were written by Ann Siddall.

Call to Worship

The story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem,
tells us that after his celebrated arrival.
He went into the Temple
and looked around at everything.
As we gather here for worship today
may it be with a sense that Jesus
has walked in too, and is looking around.
May our eyes be open to see Him,
may our hearts be ready to be seen by Him,
may our worship be worthy of His presence,
and may we be transformed
so that we see the world through His eyes.

Palm Sunday Prayer

It is relatively easy for us
to roster someone
to go and gather palm leaves
to spread in the church today.
And we can easily find music
and a few good words
to help us to remember
and re-enact Palm Sunday.

But what if You arrived
inviting us to really lay down
something important to us
to acknowledge Your arrival?

What if we knew the imminence
of the danger that accompanies You,
or sensed that the authorities
were watching us as we worship?

How then, Jesus, would we meet You today.
and what would we spread before You?
And how would we regard humility
from the One we hope will save the world?

Palm Sunday Jesus, help us to see
how and where You enter our world today,
and what You ask us to lay at your feet,
and how we may welcome You in.

— written by Ann Siddall, Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community.  Posted on the Uniting Church SA website. 

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