Opening Prayer for Easter

Here’s an Easter opening prayer from the website.

Easter Opening Prayer

Living God, on this most joyous day
we offer our thanks and praise to You;
creator of heaven and earth,
creator and lover of all humanity.

We bless You for creating the whole world,
for Your promises to Your people Israel,
and for the life we know in Jesus Christ Your Son.

Even when we turned away from You, You never rejected us.
You spoke words of mercy and love through the prophets;
promising to swallow up death forever
and to host a banquet for all people;
a feast of life-giving sustenance.

We praise you for Christ Jesus,
Your Word Incarnate made Flesh.
Born of Mary, He shares our life.  
Eating with sinners, He welcomes us.  
Leading His followers, He guides us.
Dying on the cross, He rescues us.  
Risen from the dead, He gives new life.

Most resilient God, Source of all that is eternally raised up,
we give you thanks for your unspeakable gift of Christ Jesus.

— from Easter 3A worship elements, posted on the website.

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