Feb 20, 2012

Prayer of Confession: Psalm 19: 7-11

Here’s a prayer of confession/words of assurance based on Psalm 19: 7-11.  It comes from the Seekers Church website.

Confession & Assurance
(based on Psalm 19: 7-11)

Leader: Let us confess the foundation of our faith in God.

One:     God's perfect law revives the soul.
            God's stable rule guides the simple.

Two:     God's just demands delight the heart.
            God's clear commands sharpen vision.

Leader: God's faultless decrees stand forever.
            God's right judgments keep their truth.

All:       Yet faults hide within us.
            Forgive me mine.

Words of Assurance
For those who keep God's covenant,
all the paths of God are steadfast love.
When we confess, we are forgiven.

— from Recommitment 2006, posted on the Seekers Church website. http://www.seekerschurch.org/