Opening Litany: We bid you welcome

Here’s an opening litany of welcome from the Worship Well website.

Opening Litany

Leader: We bid you welcome
            who come with weary spirit seeking rest.
All:       Who come with troubles that are too much with you,
            who come hurt and afraid

One:     We bid you welcome who come with hope in your heart.
All:       Who come with anticipation in your step,
            who come proud and joyous.

Two:     We bid you welcome who are seekers of new faith.
All:       Who come to probe and explore,
            who come to learn.

Three:   We bid you welcome who enter this place as a homecoming.
All:       Who have found here room for your spirit,
            who find in this people a home.

Leader: Whoever you are,
            whatever you are,
            wherever you are on your journey,
            we bid you welcome.

— from the Brevard Episcopal Mission Order of Service, posted on the Worship Well website.

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