Feb 10, 2012

Prayer for Lent

Here’s another prayer for Lent.  This one comes from the Christian Brothers of the Midwest.

Prayer for Lent

O God, grant that we may be sensitive to Your presence in our lives;
by taking time to pause for reflection and remembrance.

Lord Jesus, may we use the freedom You have given us;
to liberate those with burdens too heavy to bear.

During this Lenten season, O God,
You enlighten us to walk in truth and in love;
lead us to share the blessings we receive from You.

Creator God, enkindle within our hearts;
a cheerfulness of spirit as we approach each day.

O Christ, Lent is the season to renew our lives;
may Your Spirit help and guide us.

Lord Jesus, You count as done to You all that we do for others;
help us to love others as You love them.

Christ Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life;
come to the aid of those searching for meaning in life.

God of mercy,
as we journey through this season of Lent,
opening ourselves to Your grace,
we ask that You will guide us into a true change of heart
and reorientation of our lives.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Brother and Savior,
who showed us how to live and to love. Amen.

— posted on A Prayer During Lent, on the Christian Brothers of the Midwest website.  http://www.cbmidwest.org/

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