Opening Prayer: The King is Coming

Here’s a thoughtful opening prayer for Palm Sunday written by John van de Laar, and posted on his excellent website, Sacredise.

Prayer for Palm Sunday: The King is Coming

The King is coming.

Our God arrives, clothed in frail human flesh,
     riding a meek donkey's foal.

This is not the first time You have come to us, O God
The history of human affairs is the history of Your arrival among us,
          As Creator,
          Prophet's voice and
          Priest's desire.

The story of each of our lives is the story of Your coming to us,
     As Comforter,
And so we praise You;

Open our eyes to Your Presence, Lord;
     Come to us again, Lord;
     Hosanna – Save us again, Lord.

And be glorified among us.
For You are our God.


— written by John van de Laar.  Copyright © 2006 Sacredise.  Posted on the Sacredise website.

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