Confession: Palm Sunday

Here’s a prayer of confession for Palm/Passion Sunday.  It was written by Nancy Townley.

Palm Sunday Confession

Patient God, we confess that we love a parade. We are very happy to see banners waving and hear people shouting their praises. Our hearts thrill to the spectacle. But we fail to see the sadness on the face of the Savior; our shouts block out his sorrow. He comes to us as King, and we expect that royal treatment will follow. We do not and cannot believe that in a few days we will be among those who will turn our backs and run from his presence. How fickle we are, O Lord. Yet you continually forgive us and call us to turn our lives around--to see the needs of others, to reach out in trust and faith, to be willing to witness to your good news of saving love. Heal our hearts and give us courage for the days ahead; for we ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

— written by Nancy Townley, in the Abingdon Worship Annual.  Posted on the Cokesbury website. 

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