Feb 13, 2012

Lent Candle Litany

Here’s a set of Lent candle-lighting litanies written by Rev. Mindi.  They are not based on any particular set of lectionary readings, and so could be used for any year. 

I’ve just included the first litany here. To see the entire set, visit Rev. Mindi’s blog here.

Week One: Resistance

One:     There are many temptations we face in our lives together.
            We face the temptation of putting our wants above another’s needs.
            We face the temptation of ignoring problems such as hunger, poverty,
            war, and disease,
            with the false hope that they will go away without our intervention.
            We face the temptations of wealth and consumerism.
            We face many temptations to stray from the path of our faith.

Two:     We light this candle as a symbol our faith in Jesus Christ
            to help us resist the temptations of the world.


Lord, help us to keep our feet moving, our hands outstretched, and our hearts open to you. As we journey towards the cross this Lenten season, keep us from temptation and help us to do Your work in our world. Amen

— written by Rev. Mindi, and posted on her Rev-o-lution blog. http://rev-o-lution.org/

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