Prayers of the People for Advent 2

Here’s a prayer of intercession for Advent written by Richard Einerson, from his collection of prayers, Prayers of the People.  See the link below for more information.

Prayer of Intercession
Advent 2 B

Our gracious, eternal God, give your attention to us as we again seek to “prepare the way of the Lord” on our advent journey.

When we are weak-kneed and world weary lift us up.
When we have lost our way or lost hope may we hear you speaking softly and tenderly to us.
When we cannot banish from our minds and continue to hold close the sins of the past give us the courage to claim your grace and to say:  “enough is enough.”
When we are fearful of our own mortality give us the trust in your word which endures forever.
When we are timid or fearful about the message of hope which we proclaim give us the courage to claim and to witness to the good news.

In the midst of all the despair the world and life can present cause us to find comfort in the good news. May we never forget that our message is a message of comfort and of love and of faithfulness.

Lift us up to a high mountain of living.
Lift us up to know the power of your might.
Lift us up to know that you will “feed (your) flock like a shepherd.”
Lift us up to know that you will hold us close to you.
Lift us up to know that you will gently lead us.

What we pray for ourselves we also pray for others. Be with all those places where inhumanity is shown toward any of your children. Be in those places of war and conflict. Be in the sufferings of those who have experienced natural disasters, persecution or famine. May all the earth be captured by the will to love. May all the earth be touched to change. Amen

— Richard J Einerson, posted on Richard J. Einerson: Prayers of the People.  For more of his prayers, see his book, Prayers of the People