Prayer: We Adore You

Here’s a prayer of adoration and praise to Jesus Christ, written by David Beswick.

Prayer of Adoration

O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord! 

Lord Jesus, preaching good tidings to the people,
proclaiming release to captives,
setting at liberty those who are bound:
We adore you.

Lord Jesus, friend of the outcast and the poor,
feeder of the hungry,
healer of the sick:
We adore you.

Lord Jesus,
denouncing the oppressor,
exposing the hypocrite,
overcoming evil with good:
We adore you.

Lord Jesus,
pattern of gentleness,
teacher of holiness,
prophet of the kingdom:
We adore you.

Lord Jesus,
dying to save us from our sin,
rising to give us eternal life,
ascending to prepare our heavenly home:
We adore you.

— posted on David Beswick’s Home page.