Prayer of Commitment: Isaiah 61

Here’s a prayer of commitment written by Peter L. Haynes.

(based on Isaiah 61)

O come, faithful God,
   who empowers the weak,
   who encourages the fearful,
   who enlightens the blind,
   who intones the deaf,
   who energizes the lame,
   who emancipates the speechless,
   who enriches the poor,
   who invigorates the dead;

O come, faithful God,
come and enable us, right now,
to worship you and work for your Kingdom,
filled with your strength,
   your hope,
   your vision,
   your melody,  
   your motivation,
   your Word,
   your inheritance,
   your Life!

All this we pray,
   through him who came to be our Savior,
   who lives to be our Lord,
   who will return and fully make all things new;

In Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

— written by Peter L. Haynes, and posted on the Long Green Valley Church website.