Call to Worship, Opening Prayer: Isaiah

Here’s a call to worship litany and an opening prayer for Advent.  They were written by Rev. Nancy J. and posted on her wonderings through life and other such nonsense blog.

Call to Worship Litany
(Isaiah 11:6-9; 40:3-5)

‘Prepare the way,’ the prophets call,
‘make ready the highways for God.’
How we long to walk down the sidewalks
in God’s kingdom of peace!
Prepare your hearts,
for God’s realm opens up a new day.
We yearn for the time
when the wolf and lamb will live together in harmony.
Prepare the way,
God promises a new day when adversaries will lay down their arms.
We dream of a world transformed by God’s love.
May the God of hope fill your hearts with all joy and peace.
We rejoice for God’s Spirit is in our midst!

Opening Prayer

God of hope, we come to you in the midst of a world fraught with troubles. Although the darkness is powerful, open our eyes, Lord, to the light of your presence. Give us faith to stand against the voices of division and violence. Through your Spirit remake us into hope-filled disciples, discovering lives attune to your wonder, and sparking in others a desire to know you more. In the name of the One who comes to us, we pray, Amen.

— Rev. Nancy J, on her blog, wonderings through life and other such nonsense