Advent Affirmation of Faith

Here’s a wonderful affirmation of faith, suitable for use during the season of Advent.  It was written by Nathan Nettleton, and posted on his Laughingbird website.

Affirmation of Faith for Advent

We believe in God,
creator and lover of the earth,
origin and destiny of us all.

We believe in Jesus the Christ—
God coming to us
in the fragile promise
of a baby yet unborn—
who emerges as the herald of hope,
God's laughter in the face of despair.
Plunged into death and hell,
he broke free the captives,
and is leading the way
to the land of promise
where justice and peace will flourish.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
who implants the seed of truth,
brings us to birth
as the body of Christ,
and empowers us
to confront and transform
all that is corrupt, degrading and deceitful.

We believe in the coming reign of God.
Announced by the Baptist,
it has drawn near to us in Jesus,
and will be consummated
in the glorious marriage of earth and heaven,
when all who have passed through
the world's deep sorrow
will be raised from the waters,
robed in righteousness,
and gathered into the joyous fulfilment
of God's desire.

For the coming of that day on this day,
we work and pray:
Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

— written by Nathan Nettleton, and posted on his Laughingbird website.  

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