Oct 10, 2011

Contemporary Hymn: Psalm 90

If your worship this week includes Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17, one of the suggested scripture readings for October 23, 2011 (Proper 25A), here’s a contemporary hymn based on those verses written by David Schütz.

The hymn is in meter, so it can easily be sung to a number of well-known tunes in that meter, such as:
HARRIS (All that thrills my soul is Jesus)
BEACH SPRING (Come all Christians, be committed)

Lord, Throughout All Generations

Lord, throughout all generations
you have been our dwelling place,
long before the birth of mountains,
long before the world was made,
you were God then, now and ever,
everlasting still the same,
but one word returns us mortals
back to dust from whence we came.

For a thousand years of history
are as nothing in your sight,
they're like yesterday now passing,
like an hour in the night;
they are swept away on waking
like a dream at break of day,
they're like grass that grows in morning,
and in evening fades away.

Turn, O Lord, and have compassion!
How long will your people wait?
Fill our hunger in the morning
with your steadfast love and grace,
so that we may rise rejoicing
and be glad through all our days.
For as long as we have suffered,
give us joy and happiness.

Let the work of your salvation
be made plain in human sight;
show your people and their children
the great splendour of your might.
Let your blessing and your favour
be on us, O Lord our God:
bless our passing small achievements
with your everlasting word.

If reproducing this text, please put “Words (c) David Schütz” at the beginning or the end of the psalm.

— from Sunday by Sunday, on the Lutheran Church of Australia website. 

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