Sep 12, 2011

Prayers of the People: Proper 20A

Here is a possible prayer of intercession for September 18, 2011 written by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild, and posted on the Kir-Shalom website.  

For another prayer of intercession based on the scripture for this Sunday, see Prayers of the People: September 18, 2011.

Prayer of Intercession
(based on Matthew 20:1-16)

Lord, so often we see others as more fortunate than ourselves,
as getting more for what they do,
as more beloved. 
Teach us in your time, O God,
how your love is much more than just fair.
Teach  us how it is a special caring for each and every one of us,
tailored just for our own size and shape,
no matter what riches others may have,
or how many prizes, or how full of fame.  
O Lord, your love comes first
and is so much better than all that and completely unearned. 
We thank you for that,
we thank you for  providing for us,
we thank you for calling us to labour in your vineyard,
we thank you for the bread from heaven that feeds us today
and for the promise of how you will spread your table for us in the
promised land and forever provide bread without price and wine without cost... 
Lord, hear our prayer.

Thank you, gracious God,
for always giving us much, much more than we can earn or ever deserve. 
Contrasted with our often calculated way of doing business with one another,
your love towards us seems reckless, extravagant, and unbelievable gracious.  
Forgive us when we consider all of this our right rather than as your gift....
Forgive us too for when we have resented the love you show towards others
who have not served you as long as us—
for when we have been angry because you have brought joy to others
whom we think greater sinners than we—
for when we have measured our worth rather than rejoiced in your mercy. 
Lord hear our prayer....

Father, you call us to work in your vineyard—
to reach out to others in your name
and bring your  healing word, your gentle touch, your embracing love to them.
Help us to be good workers—
ones that seek the lost in the market places and village squares;
ones who are unafraid to see in a stranger the image of Christ,
and in a sinner a brother or sister for whom he died and rose again. 
Empower us as individuals and as a church to be the kind of ambassadors
who know and do your will, 
so that in meeting us people meet you.  
Lord hear our prayer....

Lord, hear our prayers for our family and our friends,
for our church, our community, and our world. 
We pray for...
Lord, hear our prayer....

All these things we pray in the name of Christ Jesus,
the joy of heaven to earth come down;
he who is our life and our hope, our daily bread,
and our rock and our refuge.   Amen.

— Copyright Rev. Richard J. Fairchild 2005, and posted on the Kir-Shalom website. Visit that site for other worship and sermon resources for Proper 20A.