Sep 29, 2011

Prayer: The Amazing Invitation

Here’s a beautiful prayer written by John van de Laar and posted on his website. It’s based on Matthew 22:1-14, Jesus’s parable of the wedding feast, one of the suggested texts for October 9, 2011 (Proper 23A).

The Amazing Invitation
(based on Matthew 22: 1-14)

No special qualifications needed;
No particular connections or exclusive memberships required;
No secret passwords or unique attributes expected;
No campaigning or canvassing,
no examinations or reference checks;

Just an amazing invitation to a feast;
to find our place at Your table,
alongside these other unworthy ones,
these other beloved ones;
these others humble enough to accept the invitation
without asking who else will be there.

Well, Jesus, Lord of the Feast,
with thankful and open hearts,
we accept Your amazing invitation.

— written by John van de Laar, and posted on his website, Visit that site for many other excellent prayers and resources for worship.

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