Sep 29, 2011

Benediction: Proper 23A

Here’s a closing benediction based on two of the suggested scripture readings for October 9, 2011.  It was written by Bob Gross.

(based on Philippians 4:1-9, Matthew 22:1-14)

Go forth,
strengthened to do the work of Christ,
standing in the gap,
extending the invitation to the eternal banquet,
rejoicing in God.
Let your gentleness be known to everyone
and don’t worry about anything.
The God who created you,
the Christ who redeems you
and the Spirit who empowers you
is with you today and ever more.

— from Standing in the Gap, written by Rev. Dr. Bob Gross, OCC, pastor at Lake Avenue United Church of Christ, Elyria, OH and posted on the United Church of Christ website. 

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