Pentecost Drama

Here are a few dramatic sketches suitable for use on Pentecost:

Radio Zion FM, a radio drama for two voices by Potted Jam.  Written by Jane and Mark Lewis

Mission Possible: Pentecost, by Michelle Fogg
Summary:  “With God, all things are possible! Go, tell the whole world about Jesus? That's a tall order, but the disciples hadn't experienced being baptized in the Holy Spirit yet…watch out! Here comes Pentecost!”

Holy Tutor, a Pentecost drama for two voices written by John D. Clement

God’s Gift of Life, a liturgical drama of praise for Pentecost from  (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) John van de Laar suggests that it is “short, dramatic and designed to be led by children.”

Pentecost, a drama for children which recreates the Pentecost event.  

For more creative worship resources for Pentecost Sunday, click on Pentecost in the list of Labels at the lower right side of the page.