Well-known Praise & Worship Songs for Pentecost

Here are some suggestions for older Praise & Worship songs you might consider using on Pentecost Sunday (June 12, 2011). I’ve included CCLI numbers wherever possible, as well as whatever other links I could find to lyrics, scores and audio.

Most of these older choruses have been around for 20-30 years. If you’re looking for more contemporary songs, check out Contemporary Praise & Worship songs for Pentecost.

Be Still, David Evans CCLI 120824  
Come and Move Holy Spirit, Shirley Powell CCLI 200593
Come Holy Spirit, Malcolm Fletcher CCLI 189535 
Come, Holy Spirit (hear us calling), Mark Foreman CCLI 26351 
Come Holy Spirit, John W. Peterson CCLI 2306 
Come, Holy Spirit, I Need You, Gloria & Bill Gaither CCLI 10934 
Come Holy Spirit, I Need Thee, Gloria & Bill Gaither CCLI 2222091
Fear Not, Rejoice and Be Glad, Priscilla Wright Porter CCLI 136289 
Give Me Life, Holy Spirit, Danny Daniels CCLI 212701   
Holy Spirit, Ken Canedo CCLI 451037
Holy Spirit, Come, Ron Fordyce CCLI 43279
Holy Spirit, Descend on Me, Louie Salazar CCLI 4469
Holy Spirit, Have Thy Way, Mildred Cope CCLI 4476
Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome, Dottie Rambo/David Huntsinger CCLI 12994 
Holy Spirit, We Welcome You, Chris Bowater CCLI 215942 
Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying, Ken Medema CCLI 22829 
Spirit of the Living God, Daniel Iverson CCLI 23488
Spirit of God, Robin Mann CCLI 1272252   
Spirit Song, John Wimber CCLI 27824 
Sweet, Sweet Spirit, Doris Akers CCLI 18204
There’s a Quiet Understanding, Tedd Smith CCLI 15135 
You Have Been GoodTwila Paris CCLI 59452
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, Stephen Adams CCLI 27484 

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