Songs from the Gobal Church for Pentecost

Here are some suggestions for songs from the global Christian church you might consider using on Pentecost (June 12, 2011).  They’re all under copyright, so I’m not able to include music or lyrics here.  But I’ve included as many links as I could find to help you in your search!

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Come Now, Holy Spirit, Malawi (Tom Colvin) CCLI 1243078
Come Now, O God of Peace (O-So-So), Geonyong Lee
Come, O Holy Spirit, Come (Wa wa wa Emimimo), Yoruba traditional/I-to Loh
Like a Tender Breath, Stirring (Comme un soufflé fragile), P. Jacob/Kenneth Nafziger & Randall Spaulding
Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading (Njoo kwetu, Roho mwema), Swahili/Wilson Niwagila 
Holy Spirit, You’re Like the Wind (Sheng ling ru feng), Wei-fan Wang
If You Believe and I Believe, traditional Zimbabwean 
O Let the Power Fall on Me, Birchfield Aymer/Carribean traditional
O Living Breath of God (Soplo de Dios viviente), Osvaldo Catena/Gerhard Cartford
You Are Holy (Hamba nathi), traditional Zulu

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