May 9, 2011

Contemporary hymns for Easter 4

If you’re looking for contemporary hymns suitable for the fourth Sunday of Easter (Good Shepherd Sunday), here are a few suggestions.  The hymns marked with an asterisk can be found on Hope Publishing’s Online Hymnody website, and are free to use if you have a CCLI license.

*The Lord My Shepherd Rules My Life, Christopher Idle
*I Lift My Eyes to the Quiet Hills, Timothy Dudley-Smith
Lo, I Am with You, Iona Community
Shepherd Me, O God, Marty Haugen
The Lord is My Shepherd, Randall Sensmeier
Like a Shepherd, Bob Dufford
Shepherd of My Heart, Francis Patrick O’Brien
The Lord is My Shepherd, Joe Wise
Within a Shepherd’s Care, James Chepponis
Shepherd of Our Hearts, James Montgomery, James Chepponis
The Lord’s My Shepherd, Jane Parker Huber
The Lord’s My Shepherd, All My Need, Christopher Webber
Rejoice in God, All Earthly Lands, Ruth Duck
You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd, Sylvia Dunstan
*God is Here! Fred Pratt Green
*Come, Let Us Praise the Lord, Timothy Dudley-Smith
*The Lord My Shepherd Guards Me Well, Carl P. Daw
*With Welcome Heart We Greet You, Lord, Fred R. Anderson
You Satisfy the Hungry Heart, Omer Westendorf
*When We Are In Want, Christopher Idle
*Great Our Joy As Now We Gather, Fred Pratt Green
*Shepherd of All Who Inhabit the Earth, Jefferey Rowthorn
*Are Shepherds Good, Brian Wren, Marlene Phillips
*Christ Jesus, In Your Name, Shirley Erena Murray

For suggestions for Easter 4 songs, see Easter 4: Traditional hymns & choruses and Easter 4: Praise & Worship songs.

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