Apr 14, 2011

Good Friday Prayer of Praise and Confession

It seems impossible that anyone would give what you did
to save men and women like us;

But, you gave yourself freely for our sakes.

It seems unimaginable that anyone could love the way you did,
including outcasts, rebels, and even your persecutors,
and refusing to strike back;

But, you loved so much that you laid down your life for our sakes.

It seems inconceivable that anyone would offer the forgiveness that you did
even as nails pierced your flesh,
and the cross was stained with your blood;

But, you did not hold our sin against us,
and took on yourself the suffering that should have been ours.

Forgive us that we have allowed greed and violence,
pride and deceit,
bitterness and coldness,
to have a place in our hearts;

And fill us again with Your immeasurable grace,
Your inexhaustible love,
and Your unconquerable life,
that we may be changed,
and may express our love and devotion
through lives of worship.

—John van de Laar, South African Methodist minister and worship leader
© 2008 Sacredise
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