Jan 25, 2015

Call to Worship: Epiphany 4B

Here’s a call to worship for the fourth Sunday after Epiphany, inspired by Mark 1: 21-28 (where Jesus casts out an evil spirit).  It could be done responsively, or by a single worship leader. It was written by Richard Bott.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Mark 1: 21-28)

As people,
as a group,
as a community of faith –
we gather in this place.
To listen.
to speak.
to worship.
to pray.
to be with God.
Because we know –
it is out of God’s authority,
it is out of God’s love,
that we live.

~ written by Richard Bott, and posted on Sharing Liturgy.  http://liturgy.richardbott.com/

Prayer of Illumination: Mark 1: 21-28

Here’s a prayer of illumination (invocation) traditionally used before the reading and preaching of Scripture.  It was written by Amy Loving, and inspired by Mark 1: 21-28 - where Jesus casts out an evil spirit.

Prayer for Illumination
(inspired by Mark 1:21-28)

Un-stop our ears, O God,
that we may hear your Word proclaimed this day. 
Open our minds and hearts to be changed. 
Free us from the unclean spirits of worry, fear, destruction, and pride. 
Teach us, Lord, that we may follow you more faithfully.

 ~ written by Amy Loving, and posted on The Worship Closet: The Place for Creative Worship Ideas. http://worshipcloset.com/baptism-of-the-lord-sunday-year-b-words-for-worship/

Call to Worship: Psalm 111

Come, and praise God!
In the company of the God’s people,
let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
Great are the works of God,
full of glory and majesty.
Our God is gracious and compassionate;
our God is merciful and forgiving
our God is faithful and trustworthy,
our God is just and good.
So come, let’s worship God together.
God’s praise will last forever!

Prayer: Mark 1: 21-28

Here’s an opening prayer or prayer of invocation (illumination) before the reading and preaching of Scripture from Richard Bott. It was inspired by Mark 1: 21-28, where Jesus casts out an evil spirit.

(inspired by Mark 1:21-28)

Speak with authority
in our lives, Christ.

Speak to us,
and to what is in us,
so that we might be whole.

Speak to us,
with love,
with hope,
and with strength,
so that we might hear you,
and know, deep inside,
that we are your people,
and that you are our God.
Let it be so.

~ written by Richard Bott, and posted on Sharing Liturgy.  http://liturgy.richardbott.com/

Jan 18, 2015

Prayer of Confession: Jonah 3

Here’s a prayer of confession for the third Sunday after Epiphany.  It was inspired by the story of Jonah.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Jonah 3:1-10)

Holy One, what a blessing and privilege we share
here in this sacred space and among this loving community.
But, like Jonah, we sometimes are jealous of what we share here.
We know that others are longing and thirsting for what we know and experience.
Forgive us our reluctance to open our doors,
open our hearts to others; some like us, some not.
We repent of our hesitations and unwillingness
to witness to those we have considered strangers and even enemies
for fear they just might become friends. Amen.

Words of Assurance

The one who calls us to this place
calls us to reconciliation through grace.
God will not deny a repentant heart or an open spirit.
Know that you are forgiven
and walk in the new way that is made known to you in God’s love.  Amen

~ written by the Rev. Madison Shockley, in Reluctant Evangelists: Service Prayers for the Third Sunday after Epiphany.  Rev. Shockley is pastor of Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, CA.  Posted on http://www.ucc.org/worship_worship-ways