May 22, 2016

Prayer of Praise: Psalm 96

Here’s an opening prayer of praise based on Psalm 96.  It was written by Chris Altrock.

Prayer of Praise: Earth Chorus
(based on Psalm 96)

There is none like you Lord!
Such splendor and strength!
May all the earth sing to you:
the families of the nations,
the fish of the sea,
the fields brimming with crops,
and the forests filled with creatures.
May your whole creation become a chorus whose song is you.
May my voice join creation’s chorus in praising you today.

~ written by Chris Altrock, and posted on True North.

Prayer for Transformation

Here’s a prayer for transformation – of our lives and of our world. It comes from John Birch’s Faith and Worship website.

Prayer for Transformation

“When Jesus heard this, he was amazed.
Turning to the crowd that was following him, he said,
‘I tell you, I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel!’” Luke 7:9

If we had a fraction of the faith in you that you have in us
then this world would be transformed, Lord.

If we showed a fraction of the love that you show to us
then this world would be transformed, Lord

If we possessed a fraction of the patience that you display with us
then this world would be transformed, Lord.

If we shared just a portion of the blessings that we have received from you
then this world would be transformed, Lord.

If we showed as much trust in others as you have shown in us
then this world would be transformed, Lord.

If we claimed just a fraction of the power you promised to your Church
then this world would be transformed, Lord.

Transform us first, Lord, that we might transform this world
through your love and your power.

~ Copyright © John Birch, posted on Faith and Worship - Prayers and Resources

May 21, 2016

Prayers of the People: 1 Kings 8

Here’s a prayer of intercession inspired by King Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the new temple (1 Kings 8).

Prayer of intercession
(inspired by 1 Kings 8)

Eternal God,
there is no other god who can compare to you, in heaven or on the earth.
Even the highest heavens cannot contain you!

And yet, you walk among us.
We have experienced your presence in our midst,
and have felt your guiding hand.
You have faithfully kept your covenant with us,
and shown unfailing love to all who trust in you.

And so we come before you with confidence,
believing that you hear the prayers we offer,
and that you will respond.

[insert local prayers and petitions]

Gracious God, hear our prayers.
Look with mercy on your gathered people.
Go with us, as you have gone with your people throughout history.
Give us a desire to do your will in all things,
so that the whole world may come to know
that you alone are God.  Amen.

May 16, 2016

Trinitarian Call to Worship

Here’s a Trinitarian call to worship and prayer of invocation from

Call to Worship & Prayer

We gather this morning in the name of the creator,
who creates time and space,
galaxies stars and planets;
in the name of Jesus Christ, born on planet Earth;
and in the name of the Spirit, who fills Earth with his presence,

Creator God,
in this time we call “now”
and in this space we call “here”
we worship you.
Make your presence felt amongst us.

~ from Posted on Third Space blog.

Trinity Sunday: Pastoral Prayer

Here’s a prayer for Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost) from the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website. It was written by the Very Rev. John Chalmers.

Pastoral Prayer for Trinity Sunday

Almighty God known as wisdom before the dawn of creation,
Lord Jesus Christ – perfect love made flesh,
Holy Spirit of God – ever present,

O Hidden Source of Life wrapped up in perfect Trinity,
we meditate upon the great and gracious plan
which you have brought to pass,
that women and men like us should look beyond creation
to worship you the Creator of all things.

In the beginning,
You the uncreated
moved across the face of deep
and brought out space and time
and then material substance:
The atom and the molecule and the crystalline form:
Then the first germ of life
and the long upward striving of all things: that swim and creep and fly:
And then the miracle of intelligence and consciousness ;
The beginning of mystery and the building of the first altar;
And then the saying of the first prayer;

O hidden love of God,
forgive us for those times when we have taken this mystery for granted
and forgive us all the more
for the times when we thought that we had unravelled the mystery
and thought that we knew it all –
the how, the where and the why.

Almighty God, let us not harbour anything in our hearts
that might spoil our fellowship with you
or with one another;
work with us and within us:
            Do what you will with us;
            Make of us what you want of us;
            Change us as we need changed
            Use us as your will requires –
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

~ Adapted from John Bailie “A Diary of Private Prayer” Thirteenth Day: Morning by the Very Rev. John Chalmers. It was posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.