Prayer: Matthew 22: 34-40

Here’s a prayer of longing and commitment from Anne Osdieck. It was posted on The Sunday Website of Saint Louis University.


(inspired by Matthew 22:34-40)

 The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments. 

“Love the Lord, your God
with all your heart
with all your soul
and with all
your mind.

And love your neighbor
as yourself.”

let this be.
Show us how.

your love be
the lens that lets us see,
the search that takes us where we go,
the power that enlivens our lives,
the light that points to the path,
and the very grace
that saves

O God,
kindly fill us with your love.

~ copyright © 2017, Anne M. Osdieck. Posted on The Sunday Website of Saint Louis University.  The website grants permission to reproduce for personal or parish use.