Feb 26, 2020

Lent: Closing Prayer

Here’s a closing prayer for the season of Lent from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogsdenberg website.

Closing Prayer for Lent

God of mystery,
we journey with Jesus during this Lenten season
with the certain hope that you will recreate our world
so that all people will live in peace and justice. 

Call us out of the wilderness of apathy
and help us to reach out to those who do not know hope or love. 
Hear the longings of our hearts
and the cries of those who yearn to live in peace and justice.  
Let Easter burst into a world waiting to be re-created.  Amen.

~ from Lenten Prayer Service: The Spirit of Almsgiving, posted on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogsdenburg website. http://dioogdensburg.org/Lent/