Ascension Day Prayer

Here’s a thoughtful prayer inspired by the events of Acts 1:9-11, the ascension of Jesus Christ. It comes from the Weekly Worship page of the Christian Aid website.

Prayer for Ascension
(inspired by Acts 1:9-11)

Lord of life, 
We do not know the face of the future,
any more than your disciples did. 
Like them, we have many questions:
how to live 
how to bear witness. 
Like them, we thirst for the spring waters of the Spirit 
to inspire us in our living 
to give us a heart language in our testimony.

You have been raised in glory
that we might rise with dignity 
You live in power that we might live in peace 
You are present everywhere
that we might be fully present in our own lives 
This we believe 
This we step out on. 

~ originally posted on the Monthly Prayers page (now Weekly Worship) of the Christian Aid website.