Pastoral Prayer: After the resurrection

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by the events in John 21:1-19 and Acts 9:1-20. It was written by Rev Karla and posted on RevGalBlogPals (link below).

(inspired by John 21:1-19 and Acts 9:1-20)

Holy Risen One,
Signs of your resurrection
surprise us with their ordinary sacred.

We go about our lives,
not knowing how to live into the new life you promise,
so we do what we know to do –

As the disciples go back to fishing,
we get back to business.
All the while,
in the back of our minds and hearts,
we grieve Your Absence,
we miss Your Presence.

And just as we start to think You were just a dream,
You show up as ordinary sacred,
grilling fish on the beach,
offering a small kindness through a stranger on the street,
a simple magic moment with a friend,
a tulip blooming in the rain.

Help us to remember that everything is different
in the living of our lives
because of You.

As we celebrate new life,
we are mindful of the places and peoples and creatures
who suffer in mind, body, and spirit.

We are mindful of war-torn countries,
and refugee children who pick scraps of bread off the street to eat…

We are mindful for those who deal with the stress
of caring for a loved one
and those whose bodies are racked with disease and sickness.

We pause here to remember them.
(pause to name concerns/or silent prayer)

Like Paul, make the scales fall from our hearts’ eyes
so that we can see your world in the way You see it. 
Clear our vision
so that we can love with the love you so freely offer us.

In the name of Christ, our brother and friend,

~ written by Rev Karla and posted on RevGalBlogPals.