Mar 10, 2019

Pastoral Prayer: Lent 1

Here’s a pastoral prayer/prayer of intercession inspired by the suggested scripture readings for the first Sunday in Lent, Year C. It was written by Gill Le Fevre.


Pastoral Prayer: Lent 1


Almighty God,

Be with us as we contend with our lives and all our challenges.

Thank you for listening

as we bring before you the troubles that undermine us.


We affirm, it is written,

 “One does not live by bread alone.”


Strengthen and sustain our families and our communities.

Nurture the bonds between us

and inspire us to live with empathy and forgiveness.


Help those struggling with work or facing uncertainty in their futures,

that they may find peace in your abundant love.


Jesus, our Redeemer, rescue us when we stumble.


We proclaim, it is written,

“Worship the Lord your God, and serve only him.”


Enable us to admit the temptations of the world,

and support us to resist turning away from your teaching.

Awaken us to recognize the gifts you have given each one of us,

and to see the role we can play in healing your creation.


Be with our leaders and those around the world,

that they may act with compassion and generosity.

Guide them to humbly serve their own countries

and to foster peace across our borders.


God, our Creator, inspire us with renewed hope.


We acknowledge, it is written,

“Do not put the Lord your God to the test.”


Deepen our faith to hear your word and follow your way.

Encourage us to bring all our hopes and desires to you in prayer,

that in lifting up our souls to you,

we may be shaped by your love.

Help us to hear the dialogue of prayer,

and to listen in prayer as much as we speak.


Comfort those battling ill health

to bear their pain with patience, strength and courage.


Holy Spirit, our Comforter, sustain us in our times of trial.


All this we pray, assured by your eternal love, Amen.


~ submitted by Gill Le Fevre