Feb 24, 2019

Prayer of Confession: Isaiah 5

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by Isaiah 5. It was written by Rev. Dani Forbess, Pastor at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.

Prayer of Confession

(inspired by Isaiah 5)

The call of Isaiah comes to a people who are desperately lost. 
For we have called evil good, and good evil. 
We have put darkness for light, and light for darkness. 
We have made bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter. 
We long for your prophets to direct and correct us,
for we have become a broken people. 
Speak to us by the beauty of your presence.
Help us to listen to those that have seen a vision of your wonder. 
Heal us, and send us to share your love. 
Through Christ we pray, Amen. 

~ submitted by Rev. Dani Forbess, Pastor, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA