Feb 24, 2019

Prayer: The Absolute Unfairness of Love

Here’s a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving for the mercy and generosity of God’s love. It was written by Cheryl Lawrie and posted on [hold this space].


“…He does not treat us as our sins deserve….” Psalm 103:10

We celebrate your absolute and complete unfairness, God.
You do not give us what we deserve.
You answer our unfaithfulness with generosity.
You do not repay betrayal with vengeance.
You never stop loving when we give every reason for you to stop.
You give us every possible chance, and then still more, to start again.

But our story doesn’t end there.
You invite us into the life of faith
where your impossible grace becomes the standard for our living.

As such we pray for your company
as we try the things we fear most we can’t do:

In the silence,
we name the people it is impossible for us to forgive
and ask you to walk with us in the journey to grace.

We name the people we know we have no right to ask forgiveness of
and ask you to walk alongside them with your compassion.

We name the situations that have no resolution that we can possibly imagine
and pray that will not stop us
from always choosing love.

Your ending is always
and only

May we live to make that the world’s ending too.

~ written by Cheryl Lawrie and posted on [hold this space]. http://holdthisspace.org.au/