Apr 13, 2020

Call to Worship: Beliefs and Doubts

Here’s a call to worship from Tim Graves’s LiturgyBits site. 

Call to Worship

We gather as people on a journey.
We believe & we have doubts,
we do good & we sin.
We are imperfect humans,
and still beloved by God.
Love and grace. Hope and faith.
These are the essence of the one we call God.
We seek forgiveness & grace from
the One and from those we’ve harmed.
Assured of that grace,
we are ready to grow again.
We yearn for a new way,
a new perspective,
and a clear path.
Though we are full of trust
and full of doubt, we are here.

Speak to us, God!
Continue creating us!
Inspire our hearts.
Enlighten our minds.
Guide our actions. Amen.            

~ written by Tim Graves and posted on LiturgyBits. https://liturgybits.wordpress.com