Oct 7, 2018

Prayer for Others: Amos 5

Here’s a prayer of petition and intercession inspired by Amos 5. It was written be Rev. Mindi and posted on her Rev-o-lution website.

(inspired by Amos 5)

Holy One, the world is a discouraging place.
The cries of injustice almost drown out Your voice.
The cries of pain almost smother the voice of hope found in You.
The cries of oppression and marginalization,
starvation and death,
are almost too much to bear—
so much so, that we have become numb.

Ease the pain, the cries, the noise of the world,
so that we can hear Your voice
and find hope and encouragement to act justly in this world
and to do Your work, on earth as it is in heaven.

In the name of Christ,
whose voice calls to us above the noise and cries,
a voice that calls us to new life, we pray. Amen. 

~ written by Rev. Mindi and posted on Rev-o-lution. http://rev-o-lution.org/