Apr 15, 2018

Opening Prayer: Shepherd and King

Here’s an opening prayer of invocation from the My Redeemer Lives website.

Opening Prayer

Gentle...yet powerful.
Lowly...yet almighty.
Shepherd...yet King.

In Your gentleness,
   guide us.
In Your power,
   strengthen us.
In Your lowliness,
   strip from us our selfish pride
   which only destroys us.
In Your greatness,
   lift us up that we might aspire to greater things.
As a shepherd,
   call us to be Your servants.
As a King,
   call us to be Your royal priesthood.

O God,
   who is our shepherd and our King;
O Christ,
   who was crucified and is now risen from the dead;
O Spirit,
   who comforts and empowers;
O great One in Three, Holy Trinity,  
this hour, set us free to worship. Amen. 

~ posted on My Redeemer Lives website. http://www.myredeemerlives.com/prayers.html