Mar 25, 2018

Pastoral Prayer for Easter

Here’s a pastoral prayer for the Easter season from the Life in Liturgy website.

Pastoral Prayer for Easter

Lord of life,
hear us as we lift to you our hopes and prayers
for the church and the world.

Let your grace empower us as people of faith
to better serve you in the common places of our lives,
and in the people we meet on our faith journeys. 

Open our eyes to the living Christ
as we pray for and work with the poor,
the broken-hearted, the sick and the bereaved. 

Hear our prayers for those who are close to our hearts. 
In your resurrecting power,
lift them up and give them renewed strength and hope;
and give to us all new faith by which to live our days with you. 

Then will our lives be living witness to your resurrection,
made whole by your love and care. 
In Christ’s Spirit we pray. Amen.  

~ posted on Life in Liturgy, from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).