Mar 25, 2018

Litany of the Dawn

Here’s an Easter litany from the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.

Litany of the Dawn

When the world was young
at that first sunrise
and the new light
held a promise
of new days
and fresh mornings
The Word spoke...

...When the Word spoke
and creation sparked
and the alleluias unfolded
the dawn was set free…

...When the dawn was set free
the trees clapped hands
and mountains bowed
and the birds sang a new song
fresh every morning…

...Fresh every morning
the day holds a hope
that this day is God’s
and this day holds the promise
and this day is a new beginning…

...A new beginning
is the song of the morning
that takes the shadows of night
and paints them gold and green
for the earth rejoices...

...The earth rejoices
for stones have rolled
and tombs have been empties
and angels are whispering
and death has been conquered...

...Death has been conquered
and resurrection
has left footprints in the dew
that tell us
he has gone ahead of us
he is not among the dead
he is not here... 

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.