Mar 22, 2018

Holy Week Confession

Here is an act of confession for Holy Week. It was posted on Life in Liturgy (see link below).

Confession for Holy Week

Forgive us, Lord, for forgetting your sacrifice
and for thinking your grace is cheap. 

Forgive us, Lord, for using the cross as a trinket,
forgetting the agony it represents.

Forgive us, Lord, for taking our worship for granted,
forgetting the struggle that has assured its freedom. 

Forgive us, Lord, for being calloused to human cruelty,
forgetting that every victim is a creature of God. 

Forgive us, Lord, for being nonchalant about injustice,
forgetting that it still nails innocence to the cross. 

Forgive us, Lord, for thinking that sacrifice is obsolete,
forgetting that we still contend against the powers of darkness.
Receive our prayers offered in all humility,
as we remember and honor Christ our Lord who prays for us still.  Amen.

~ posted on Life in Liturgy, from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).