Jan 7, 2018

Call to Worship: Come, Follow Me

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by Jesus’ call to his disciples. It was written by Joanna Harader, and posted on her Spacious Faith website.

Call to Worship
(based on Mark 1:17, Mark 2:14, Matthew 4:19,
Luke 5:27-28, John 1:43-45)

Jesus comes along side us and calls us by name:
“[your name], follow me.”

A simple call. A hard call.
Because following requires leaving.
And we look around to see who else Jesus could be talking to.
And we look around to see the trappings of the life we know.

It’s hard to leave our nets and walk away from the lake.
But we have come this far,
to this place,
where we can listen and be transformed.

~ written by Joanna Harader and posted on Spacious Faith. https://spaciousfaith.com/