Dec 26, 2017

Prayers of the People: New Year

Here’s a prayer of intercession for the New Year from John W. Vest.

Prayer of Intercession for the New Year

Holy God,
at this dawn of a new year,
the dawn of a new decade,
we are gathered together to worship and listen—
listen for your voice calling us to something new.

In the wake of Advent, Christmas, and the turn of the new year,
some of us are still hopeful and full of expectation;
some of us are weary and worn;
some of us are overwhelmed and anxious.
But as sure as the sun rises,
a new year is upon us,
full of possibilities, full of promise.

You are a God of newness and change,
and you call us to be continually transformed.
In this season of resolve,
help us to be mindful and intentional about our priorities.
Help us to look to Jesus as our way;
help us to rely on the Spirit to follow, in our faith and in our doubt.
Inspire us with a vision of the world as it could be,
a world closer to your intentions and desires,
a world of abundance and plenty,
a world of peace and security,
a world of cooperation and prosperity,
a world of health and well-being,
a world of love and justice.

In some ways it’s easy,
at the beginning of a new year,
to be idealistic and zealous,
to be bold in our dreams and resolutions.
So God, we ask that you help us to be patient and disciplined,
persistent and steady throughout the entire year.
May we not too quickly fall back into familiar habits and patterns,
may we not lose hope or vision,
may we be your kingdom people each and every day of this new year.

God, even as we hope and dream of a better world,
even as we make plans to be better people,
we are mindful of the realities that face us right now.
So we ask for healing and wholeness for those who are sick;
we seek comfort for those who are grieving;
we pray for companionship for those who are lonely;
we needs jobs and homes and food for those without them;
we long for peace in places of war;
we desire justice for those who are oppressed;
we want reconciliation for those who are estranged.

We are confident, God, that you will walk with us
as we strive to meet these needs;
we are confident that you will walk with us always.
Your presence among us is abiding and real;
your love fills our lives and guides our paths.

Help us, God, to not put Christmas away too quickly,
to enjoy the fullness of this season
and be transformed by the spirit of Christ in our midst.
Even now, dear God, we join our voices to his,
boldly praying for the transformation of the world
in the ever-new words of this familiar prayer.
Our Father…

~ written by John W. Vest, and posted on John Vest.