Pastoral Prayer for Advent

Here’s a pastoral prayer for the Advent season. It was written by John Vest (see below for link).

Pastoral Prayer for the Season of Advent

Good and gracious God,
we give you thanks for gifts of life,
for gifts of love and joy during this season,
for gifts of comfort when we do not or cannot feel that joy,
for gifts of healing and mercy,
for gifts of patience and serenity,
for gifts of hope as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Christ’s presence changes our world,
so we pray that he may indeed be born in us once again,
that we may be continually born anew,
that the whole world would be reshaped and reborn
as your kingdom emerges around us and within us.

May your Spirit stir within us,
and cause us to long for the day
when earth will in fact be like heaven.

It is this radical vision of a new heaven and a new earth
for which we pray,
using the words Jesus taught us.

Our Father…

~ written by John W. Vest, and posted on John Vest.