Dec 17, 2017

Christmas Eve Call to Worship

Here’s a call to worship for Christmas Eve from Roddy Hamilton and the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.

Call to Worship for Christmas Eve

when all has gone quiet
and the world begins to sleep
cooried in and snug
beneath a blanket of frost

when the universe holds its breath
and angels begin to stretch their wings
and stars begin to slide
into constellations of hope

when music seems to hang in the air
and creation hums its own carol
about the longing for light
and birth again from wintertime

then the waiting ones gather
to listen to these rumours
and whisper about the birth
of a child made all of light

and together pass the word
that soon and very soon
advent will slip into sign
and waiting into birth

so let us gather with ever beating hearts
staying with Mary and Joseph
wondering, labouring, longing, expecting
the promise to break through the night 

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on the New Kilpatrick Parish Church website.