Advent Prayer of Longing and Waiting

Here’s an advent prayer from Ann Siddall, and the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community.

A Prayer of Longing and Waiting

Holy One, we have waited
through many a long night,
for your coming:
like those of old our eyes
have been red from weeping,
our minds numb from anxiety,
and our hands held out in longing.

And this Advent season
sees us waiting again,
alongside our own struggles,
and alongside a world
torn apart by greed and need,
poverty and affluence,
hunger and obesity.

When will You come to us?
When will we see a star we can trust?
When will wise ones rise up in our midst?
When will humble workers see angels?
How long, O God, must we wait
for the promises to be fulfilled?
How long will You keep us waiting?

So as once more we play the waiting game,
unable to bring about the changes we seek,
unable to put an end to society’s pain,
unable to appease all the hunger,
help us to be tenacious,
unyielding in our expectation
that Christ has come, and Christ will come again. Amen. 

~ written by Ann Siddall, and posted on the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community website.