Advent Prayer of Confession

Here’s a prayer of confession for Advent. It was written by Rev. Jan Brooks at the Cottonwood Falls Presbyterian Church.

Prayer of Confession for Advent
(inspired by Isaiah 7:14 and Luke 1:26-38)

O Holy God of Promise,
we so often place our trust in the things we can see,
and touch, and easily believe.
But you did not ask us to believe what is easy,
you have asked us to believe what is true!
Forgive us, Holy One, when we doubt the ways you work.
Forgive us when we find it hard to believe an ancient story.
Forgive us we question how you chose to enter the world,
born as one of us.
Forgive our lack of faith and belief
in ways which seem so impossible to believe.
Help us to look in faith, open our belief, and set aside our doubts
that you sent your Son, born of a virgin –
the one who has come to set us all free.
We offer these prayers in the name of your Son,
Emmanuel, God with us.  Amen.

~ written by Rev. Jan Brooks, Cottonwood Falls Presbyterian Church.