Advent Poem: Let Advent Begin Again

Here’s a poem for Advent from David A. Redding. It was posted on Journey with Jesus.

Advent Poem

O Lord,
let Advent begin again
in us,
not merely in commercials;
for that first Christmas was not
simply for children,
but for the
wise and the strong.

It was
crowded around that cradle,
with kings kneeling.

Speak to us
who seek an adult seat this year.

Help us to realize,
as we fill stockings,
Christmas is mainly
for the old folks —
bent backs
and tired eyes
need relief and light
a little more.

No wonder
it was grown-ups
who were the first
to notice
such a star.

~ written by David A. Redding, in If I Could Pray Again (1965). Posted on Journey with Jesus.