Sep 30, 2017

Opening Prayer of Praise

Here is an opening prayer (or call to worship) from the Third Space website.

Responsive Prayer of Praise

O Divine Voice,
You sing and the universe comes into being;
O Divine Breath,
You breathe and all things spring to life;
O Divine Word,
You call and creation is sustained;
O Divine Flesh,
You are born among us,
and the Creator is clothed in creation;
O Divine Spirit,
You fill all that has been formed;
O Divine Life,
You are the pulse of all that is.

And so, in amazement and awe, in wonder and celebration
we marvel at this mystery:
In you all things live and move and have being,
In all things, you live and move and express your Divine artistry;
And so we join with creation
in the eternal song of worship and wonder…

posted on Third Space.